FrameStoreDirect’s parent company has been in the custom framing business for over 35 years.

We’ve framed hundred’s of thousands of pieces for delighted clients and true fans. We’ve also been the framer for world-class museums, educational institutions and a who’s-who of fortune 500 corporations.

Now we are offering our best custom frame and mirror solutions direct to you. 

Just some of the things that set us apart:


  • Our designs are recognized as the "best in the business."
  • We work with you to design framing that suits your needs and matches beautifully with your home or office.


  • We offer the finest mouldings from around the world and a beautiful assortment of mats.
  • We use custom framing specialists for every craft element in our Los Angeles studio. All our frames are made in the USA.
  • Our 16-step inspection process ensures quality.
  • A master craftsman inspects every finished piece to ensure it meets FrameStoreDirect's standards.


  • If you compare apples to apples, nobody beats FrameStoreDirect's prices.
  • Other custom frame websites can't even offer apples to apples comparisons because they can't match our quality, craftsmanship or design.



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